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Thread: multicast video streaming server?

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    Question multicast video streaming server?

    i have 8 ip cameras on a wan each on a 6mb connection.

    i have a problem when more than5 users try to connect to the camera there is a huge slowdown on the network.

    i need to come up with a multicast solution at the main site that collects all these streams and then speads them from a single location. does anyone have any experience with this?

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    Re: multicast video streaming server?

    I have done a bit on this. I found the best way to do it was to use 1fps, it was only for basic CCTV use though. 20 30fps just kills the bandwith in a big way.

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    Re: multicast video streaming server?

    im going to have 30+ users connection to the one camera, is there any way to centralise it a bit more, id say 1fps could still eat it up.

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