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Thread: P35/E6600 ONLY booting at 229mhz

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    P35/E6600 ONLY booting at 229mhz

    I'm thinking my motherboard is dodgy here btw

    I got my DFI Blood iron, and my (lapped) E6600 in my pc, after a BIOS update the motherboard will now only boot at 229mhz, wont boot at stock or anything, tried resetting the CMOS and everything with no luck

    Really confusing but I'm tempted to just return it

    Any ideas on what to do?

    BIOS is 12/24/2007 on the DFI, got 2gb of D9 in it which does 1ghz happily at 632mhz atm on stock volts
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    Re: P35/E6600 ONLY booting at 229mhz

    Have you tried flashing it with an older BIOS?

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    Re: P35/E6600 ONLY booting at 229mhz

    I would try a full clear, power cable out, atx out, then normal cmos clear, then try 1 stick of ram

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