I recently installed Vista onto an old nForce 2 system that I have built as an HTPC in my lounge. It has a wireless connection to the router upstairs (Netgear DG834PN) via a Netgear WPN311.

I have set up a drive mapping to my media selection on my PC upstairs from the HTPC and I checked the box to re-connect when setting up the mapping. However whenever I reboot the PC I get a message saying "Unable to Re-connect Drive Mappings" and there is a red X next to the drive mapping icon under 'Computer'. But if I double click on the M: drive (for Media) it connects with no problem.

How can I get rid of this message and the red X as it obviously can connect and this messages seems erroneous? I have deleted and re- mapped this many many times to no avail.

Any help much appreciated