Hello all,

Just built a new system based on the Asus P5KC motherboard. I used the Tagan 600W PSU and have encountered the following problems:

1. The Motherboard LED comes on and the the processor and case fans spin up for just a second and then stop.

I examined this further by reassembling the system outside of the case with only 1 stick of RAM installed. All other components were removed. The problem remained.

2. Swapped the PSU for another 600W Tagan (still building outside the case) and this time the motherboard LED lights up but there is absolutely NO further activity. Since, Asus P5KC has a well-documented aversion to high frequency RAM, I swapped my Corsair Dominator 1066MHz RAM for 1 stick of 512 value Kingston RAM. No joy. By the way, the solution to the RAM problem is to up the RAM voltage from the default 1.8V to 2.2V from the CMOS.

I have now RMAd the board, but I would still like to know if anyone here has had a similar problem with the same board and PSU.

One more thing: The ATX12V connector on this board is pretty hard to reach. Add to it the fact that of the two 4-pin connectors available on the Tagan 600W, only the P4+ rather than the P4 will fit into the 12V connector and things start looking really interesting.

Like I said: Has anyone had the same problems with this Motherboard-PSU combination?? How did you proceed??