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Thread: AMD Phenom triple core or 4850e?

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    Question AMD Phenom triple core or 4850e?

    The title sounds obvious, but I'm trying to build a cost conscious HTPC system, since the price between the 2 is only about £20, is it worth going for the Phenom triple core. I have read a lot of reviews which are not favourable to the Phenom series.

    Any early suggestion would be appreciated as I'm about to buy the bits n bobs.

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    Re: AMD Phenom triple core or 4850e?

    For a HTPC you won't need any more power than the 4580e can provide. Obviously, with it being the 'e' 45w version it'll be more better on heat and power.

    Save yourself the money and the power and get the 4850e.

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    Re: AMD Phenom triple core or 4850e?

    Yep I agree with the above. SPCR underclocked theirs to 2.1GHz and were using the IGP on a 780G based motherboard and were still able to get decent blu ray playback

    Triple cores don't make much sense in any situation really and at their price they aren't a very attractive proposition either.

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    Re: AMD Phenom triple core or 4850e?

    hmmm... slight dissenting note here, at least if HD material in a variety of formats and containers is on the menu. I tend to take the safe approach and get a CPU with enough horsepower to handle anything thrown at it in software, rather than rely on GPU offloading, which may or may not work properly in all circumstances according to whatever OS/drivers/codecs are available.

    Not that I'd get a Phenom triple core though...

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