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Thread: Dead DFI (DK X 48 T2RS) Mobo?

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    Dead DFI (DK X 48 T2RS) Mobo?

    Hi people

    Looking for some help desperately as a last ditch before I fully consider RMA ing my board - here we go : (

    flashed my bios to latest version dated 25 Jul 2008 in order to try the ABS overclocking tool. Bios flash was fine so i installed the ABS booster tool as per instructions at the DFI site on their official bios page - I assumed everything was stable as its official releases etc etc. Anyway reboot pc and it starts, then I lose the video signal and the system starts looping - no post. Now I can't get the darn thing to post, I have power going through the board cos the leds light and fans whir but am getting error code c1 and 25 intermittently (with a bit of 01 couldnt find that one on tinternet??) with no video signal and no start beeps. C1 is a ram issue? Tried all slots and both sticks. Took the ram to a store and had it tested - its okay apparently. Video card is fine, and works in another system. Cant test the cpu sadly as I have no usable alternate board, psu is fine and tested board with anothe one. Tbf, none of the bios codes are in the manual which is crazy, and I don't know what they mean for sure but ive tested pretty much all i can to try and narrow down what the issue is.

    Im assuming now its a dead mobo . . tried clearing cmos, jumpers etc. At a loss now cos I dont really want to RMA unless I have to especially if it could be something other than the mobo, as store will charge me for any non faulty stuff they test.

    Any possible help would be appreciated

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Dead DFI (DK X 48 T2RS) Mobo?

    Don't want to step on Hexuss' toes, but take a look at Clunks site (, they are well versed in DFI (and are as friendly as this forum.)

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