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Thread: New harddrive playing up...

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    New harddrive playing up...

    I bought a 360gb Seagate hard drive recently (details here) and it hasn't seemed right from day 1.

    Firstly it seems to randomly click and tick like a clock.
    Secondly it seems to heat up for no reason and is usually 5'c hotter than my other hard drive (another seagate)
    Thirdly, it may be unrelated but occasionally my PC will lock up and not respond for about 5-10 secs.
    I can move the mouse and when I type it doesn't show up at first and then all the text suddenly appears. I'm pretty sure it wasn't doing this before I got the new HDD.

    I ran Seagates Seatools and it passed both the long and short tests.
    I also ran Spinrite for a while and it flagged up 5,656 seek errors after only scanning about 1gb! This doesn't seem right to me

    I should add this drive gets very little use as it's a backup of my main drive so I'm unsure why it's making all these noises and getting hot when it should be sitting there doing nothing most of the time.

    I bought it from SCAN and am thinking of RMAing it.
    Will they allow that even though it passed the Seatools tests?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: New harddrive playing up...

    Yes, talk to Scan first, but RMA it. It might be worth looking at the SMART log.

    you may also return direct to Seagate

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    Re: New harddrive playing up...

    Well I certainly took my time in getting this replaced!

    Actually, I decided not to bother since the crashing stopped and I only got the occasional click.
    Recently though it's been making a high pitched noise that wouldn't stop unless I spun the drive down (using hdparm) or by shutting down the whole PC.
    This tended to happen when playing games or doing a backup. (Which is all this drive is used for)

    I RMA'd it to Scan and they've reported that there's no problems with it.
    Fair enough, it doesn't always happen and so far I've found no way to repeat this problem with any success but the drive is definitely faulty. (it even did it as I was securely wiping it)

    I emailed them explaining this a few days ago but am yet to get a response.

    Any ideas on what I should do now?

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    Re: New harddrive playing up...

    Wait for a response, and maybe look around the internet to see if anyone else is getting the same problems with the same hard drive, or any hard drives.

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