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Thread: PC to HDTV woes...

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    PC to HDTV woes...

    Hey folks, so I've just spent the evening trying to hook my desktop up to a Toshiba 42XV555D using this DVI to HDMI cable.

    Catalyst Control Centre automatically detects the television and the resolutions it can handle, it even lets me set 'TOSHIBA TV' as a secondary display that extends my desktop. However when I flick through to the correct HDMI output, I get the 'no signal' blue screen.

    Having fiddled with every setting I could think of I started to wonder if it was the TV causing the problem, so I pulled in a second rig which holds a 8600GTS. Sure enough nView did its thing and I was looking at my wallpaper on the TV.

    Has anyone any ideas as to why my HD3870 isn't playing ball?

    Thanks as always.

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    Re: PC to HDTV woes...

    Hi. I have a similar problem (sorry, not a solution).

    I have connected a PC to the HDMI1 input of the TV using a DVI to HDMI cable. When I start up everything works fine. If I change TV input to watch TV and then go back to the HDMI1 input later all I get is a blue "no-signal" screen. I have set the pc screen saver to none and disabled the monitor power save mode (turn monitor off: never). Wiggling the mouse or hitting buttons on the keyboard doesn't wake up the display either.

    The pc is definately still alive because I can remote desktop to it. If I unplug the hdmi connector the PC makes a sound similar to unplugging a USB device. Similarly when I plug the connector back in.

    There was one occasion, when I got very frustrated, that I just kept switching between AV input 1 and HDMI1 and eventually I got the PC display up! I've tried that since but not managed to do this again.

    Another strange thing that may be related: when the display was working I set up the display adapter to display 1920 x 1080 and set the tv scaling to "exact scan". But now when I select HDMI1, with it's blue screen, I notice that the scaling is set to "Wide" and that the "exact scan" option is greyed out.

    The graphics card in my PC is an ATI Radeon 9550. The operating system is Windows Media Center Edition 2005 (XP). The cable is 2.5m gold plated contacts.

    Please can someone help me?

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