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Thread: Compaq D51S GFX Card Issues :(

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    Exclamation Compaq D51S GFX Card Issues :(

    Hi guys

    First off, let me just explain that I know rather little about computers (hence me posting here!), with the exception of the basics - which includes: teminology, BIOS, software use and changing the basics such as RAM, fans etc etc.

    Now the nitty gritty, I have bought a very cheap pc to use as a media centre as I got fed up of connecting my laptop to the tv everytime I wanted to watch a movie just have somebody send me a nudge on MSN as soon as the action kicked in!

    So, I bought a cheap compaq D51s (£11.50 off ebay cheap ). I upgraded the RAM from 256MB @ 233Mhz to 2 x 512MB DDR3, removed the A: drive and added a 2nd hdd to boost the total hdd space from 20gig to 270gig, swapped the old cd drive with a dvd re-writer, added a wireless network card and then upped the gfx from 64MB onboard to a better (if only slightly) GF FX5200 128MB card.

    The problem I have is this, although everything is up and working as it should, I cant help but feel that I could gain better movie playback with a gfx card that had DVI out rather than VGA.

    I know very little about SFF computers and even less about gfx cards!

    Does anybody know which gfx card would give me the best bang for buck in relation to picture quality when plugged in to a 50" plasma?

    I currently have it running from the pc vga to the vga port on the tv @ 1360 x 786 but I have 2 HDMI ports on the tv, one of which is named HDMI/DVI.

    Am I right in thinking that vga is analog and DVI is digital?

    Logicly then, DVI to HDMI/DVI (via a DVI to HDMI lead) would give a higher res and a sharper picture?

    Please help as Im pulling my hair out trying to decide whether, a) it would be cost effective, b) there is such a gfx card that would fit in a D51s and c) I would notice the difference!

    Is there a HD gfx card that would fit? or is my motherboard too old?

    Many thanks in advance


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    Re: Compaq D51S GFX Card Issues :(

    Yes, just hunt around for "half height graphics cards". I cant recommend one off the top of my head, when I was playing with D51s (for something I'll say in a minute) they were mostly fitted with ATI X1300 half height graphics cards. They had a single connector with a splitter on the back that went to 2 x DVI outputs. I'm sure there will be better cards (I would suggest staying ATI for this purpose) but it's worth a look around or to see what others suggest on here.

    Also, as per that "in a minute thing" - please, please be careful with that PC. The D51s is notorious for quite literally exploding the power supply when plugged into the mains, so avoid unplugging it/turning it off at the mains too often. I've personally popped around 200 of them, and the 200th one still gave me a ruddy heart attack!

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    Re: Compaq D51S GFX Card Issues :(

    Thanks for quick reply

    I guess I shall sit back and see which cards ppl reccomend

    Seriously, they blow up!??!?!?!??!

    I have only turned it off around 5 times ( from the pc) and once from the mains but I aim to keep it on at all times as I think desktops (unlike laptops) run better left on permanently - but please correct me if im wrong!

    So, they blow up internaly if turned off? jeez, im having a heart attack and it hasnt happened ....... yet!!


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