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Thread: Need new battery for dell precision m65

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    Need new battery for dell precision m65

    Hi all

    The battery on my girlfriends laptop is dying and needs replacing, where would be the best place to get a replacement, direct from dell or elsewhere? I'm not familiar with laptop batteries at all so any advice would be appreciated.



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    Re: Need new battery for dell precision m65

    Wouldn't really comment getting from Dell. The cells might not be fresh so the battery life wouldn't be stellar. I bought 2 original dell batteries for my laptop and they come usually at about 95% the rate capacity, instead of 105-110% for very fresh battery.

    You could consider getting OEM battery for that. Or if you can find a shop that specialize in battery repacking you can try that too. (Basically just taking the old lithium cells out and put in some new one).
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    Re: Need new battery for dell precision m65

    I have previously used Eurobatteries (I think based in Bristol) and they were OK but that was a couple of years ago.

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