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Thread: Unsure of what to do?

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    Re: Unsure of what to do?

    I've heard of a couple of good reports of Mint Linux - but not tried it myself - (currently sorting out a problem with Fedora Core 10 1/2 (don't ask! )
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    Re: Unsure of what to do?

    Strange, but I'm pretty sure WinDOS (i.e. Windows 98) doesn't do STOP BSODs. of course it can / will BSOD but the STOP 0 x XXYYXXYY is very much a Windows NT thing. So the PC is rather unlikely to be quiet that old... Win98 would make it most like an original Pentium or maybe a PII.

    Without any bootable Windows CD/DVD I agree that Letshavesome's best bet is a bootable Ubuntu or Knoppix.

    Ubuntu because it would make a useable system if installed while Knoppix would be handy for fixing the problem but like Linuxes it would require a lot of know-how.

    One thing any Linux LiveCD will diagnose is whether the hardware is faulty - if the machine boots Ubuntu and the hard disk is accessible the hardware is (most likely) fine


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    Re: Unsure of what to do?

    Sorry for the confusion but the OP is windows 2000. I'm trying to help a friend fix his computer you see.

    Will this make any difference?


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