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Thread: BSOD System_service_exception Windows Update

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    BSOD System_service_exception Windows Update


    Help please!!! when i install Framework 3.5 NET Sp1 or vista sp2 updates the pc has to restart then i get BSOD system_service_error ive tried memtest, taking one 2GB stick of RAM out so just 2GB left, reseting BIOS to default (from oc) and slighty increaing the SB voltage. Also I cannot access Safe mode same BSOD so im guessing not a driver issue?
    And start using last know config does not work.
    I have to put the vista disk in and use system recovery.

    Forgot to mention I am running Vista 64 bit Sp1
    Quad 6600 2.4Ghz
    ASUS P5QL-E mobo
    4GB OCZ 800mhz ram
    650W Corsair PSU
    EVGA 260 GTX SCC

    Any ideas, Thanks Peter
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