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Thread: MSI 770-C45 Good HSF that FITS!

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    Question MSI 770-C45 Good HSF that FITS!

    Wonder if anyone could help me find a decent heat sink that actually fits the MSI 770-C45???
    CPU is AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition.
    While cooling is important (obviously), priority for me is a quiet HSF.

    I ordered a Scythe Kama Angle but it doesn't fit, it impinges on the Corsair Dominator cooling fins. (yeah I know; should've checked first, but MSI website is not exactly helpful - the MB is not even listed on the UK MSI website and the US website pages for this MB were not loading).

    Having looked at an alternative in Custom PC mag, they suggest an OCZ vendetta 2 for this setup in their budget pc components section. Having looked at the way the clips run across the base of the OCZ and the way the bracket is set up on the MB, I can't see it fitting either - the fan is 120mm (about the same as the Heat Sink) and it runs lengthwise between the backplate and memory. If it could be turned through 90 degrees, it would've worked perfectly!

    Any help or alternative suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: MSI 770-C45 Good HSF that FITS!

    Update on above.

    Managed to devise a somewhat inelegant solution:
    Firstly took some temperature readings with the reference CPU HSF (AMD).
    I moved the two 2GB Ram modules to Dimm slots 3 & 4 (instead of 1 & 2) despite the MB manual stating that the computer would not boot - it does and started loading Windows (cxld by me).

    Then placed the Kama Angle Heat Sink on the CPU with the 2 banks of fins nearest to the backplate and video card respectively. Took some heat readings without fan. Then attached the fan to the bank of fins nearest the video card - see link (2nd set of pictures / picture on the right) for positional info: and took more readings, as follows:

    Reference AMD HSF / Kama Angle Heat Sink Only / Kama Angle with Fan
    CPU Temp: 44 C / 55 C / 35 C
    System Temp: 37 C / 39 C / 35 C
    CPU Fan: 2490 rpm / NIL / 1360 rpm
    Case Fan: 840 rpm / 900 rpm / 890rpm
    PSU Fan (range): 2229/2269 rpm / 2215/2262 rpm / 2215/2262 rpm

    Makes quite a difference, even if the Scythe Kama Angle is not in the ideal position.

    All readings were taken after 30 mins of PC running idle - ambient room temperature at 20 degrees C

    Hope this may help someone else.

    PS: still happy to hear if anyone has had a similar experience and any better solutions...
    Ciao the noo...
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