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Thread: USB Issues

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    USB Issues

    Currently, I have 10 GD 6000 Laptops installed in their respective PD units and I need a way to lock all other USB ports from the officers. They have a tendency to bring their own USB drives with music and movies which infect the laptops along with my terminal server. Is there any way to stop this??????

    Unfortunately, I need one USB port for the Drivers License Scanner

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place....

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: USB Issues

    Tricky as you need a USB port for a scanner (I assume you are in the US?)

    Partly this is a management problem - and there should be a clear policy stating that private devices should not be connected to the laptops. As for enforcing it...

    There are devices that enable you to physically block the USB ports so that nothing can be inserted into the socket - but I guess that the scanner could be unplugged and the unauthorised device plugged in there.

    There are some software solutions that enable the USB ports to be locked down, although I havene't used them - they may be able to permit certain devices only - Google may be able to help!

    This may start you thinking along ways...
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