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Thread: Freeview to Monitor Queries and Questions

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    Question Freeview to Monitor Queries and Questions

    I know this question has been answered many times but after looking at multiple posts, I still have some questions.

    Anyway, I've been wanting to connect a freeview box to my monitor (Dell SE198WFP, so it has both DVI and VGA connections) so that i can watch TV and also play a bit of xbox 360 (i can connect the xbox to either DVI or VGA so there's no problem there). Is there anyway of connecting a normal freeview box with Scart or composite to my monitor relatively cheaply? Or should I try and find a freeview box with a HDMI connection? (harder to find since freeview HD is now available).

    BTW if the only option is a decoder box, is there one that can also convert optical 5.1 to analogue 5.1?

    Many Thanks

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    Re: Freeview to Monitor Queries and Questions

    I was wanting to do this. Managed to find a 'Scart > VGA' cable on Amazon, installed it and monitor claimed 'no signal'.

    Looked at all the reviews and it seems to work for some and not others. The cables are only like £3, so it'd be worth a go.

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