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Thread: upgrading laptop ram

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    upgrading laptop ram

    I have an advent laptop with 512 ram and would like to upgrade it to 1gig. Any idea how easy/hard this is to do and where I would get the ram from(+ rough price)
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    The easiest way is to goto and let the memory selector find it for you
    It should almost certainly be listed in your manual though.....
    Also, crucial comes with a lifetime warranty, and if you get the wrong memory after using their selector, you can send it back for free
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    I second what agent said - get it from crucial.
    Once you've got your hands on it, it's usually a case of removing the keyboard and slotting the SODIMM into a free slot - there should be more detailed instructions in your manual.
    Before you buy any, make sure you have a slot free - the current memory may be in a 2 x 256mb config, so you'd have to settle for 768mb

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