I bought a HP omnibook laptop secondhand last year.
The only problem with it was that the power supply connector seemed loose and you had to push down on the power connector to get power.

I took the laptop to pieces and soldered the connector properly put it back together and everything worked fine.

I recently took the laptop to peices again to try and find were the spare screws i ended up with the first time came from, I put the laptop back together and now have no sound.

All the connections seem to be ok, there are no loose connectors.
Device manager doesnt pick up any problems with the hardware.
I can play music files in media player but no sound.
I don't think it is a problem with the speakers as headphones don't work either.

Ive tired uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them a couple of times with no luck.

Wouldnt mind so much if if wasnt for the fact i went to the trouble of putting a DVD drive into it for watching DVDs and im not a fan of silent movies.

I had it working fine with the DVD drive.

Put more RAM in it recently but doubt that has anything to do with it.

Any ideas would be great thanks.

Also if i cant get the sound back, does anyone know were i can get a cheap PCMICA sound card