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Thread: shuttle sn95g5 dead ?????

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    Unhappy shuttle sn95g5 dead ?????

    hi all

    strange thing happened to my shuttle yesterday and i wondered if anyone could help. up untill yesterday afternoon my little ol shuttle was working happily, then, i powered up only to find my wireless usb keyboard and mouse not working and an error message telling me that there were unknown usb devices that windows did not recognise, so i restarted the pc a couple of times, no luck, on the third restart all i got was the fan running at full speed, no boot screen nothing, and thats as far as it goes, no hard disk light nothing, just the fan.
    any ideas ???????

    many thanks

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    could be a load of things........worth taking it apart a bit so you can check the compononents and re-seat the cpu memory and any interface cards etc.

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