Hi there everyone..

okies first post for me on the forum!

im having some really mental problems with my other rig. All of a sudden winxp has decided to totally ignor my 2 ide hard drives!

this is wats happened. 1 sata hdd 200gb i disconnected it to put in my new rig with the crossfire dfi board and repair installed it (jus to do a quick job and still have my stuff on it) find out new dfi board has something wrong with either the bios and/or the sata drives! i take it out and plug it back into the original rig. again repair install it to have it all up and running.

jumper settings on the ide hdd's are exactly the same no change what-so-ever! the mobo is an Asus KBV SE DELUXE. only a few mins ago i upgraded the bios to 1007 to see if that made any difference at all... nothing..

ive actually jus thought of uninstalling the via drivers.. all of them - im going to do that as soon as ive posted this.

what i am worried about though, is that i may have corrupted the sata hard drive somehow by doin 2 repair installs.. i duno

the ide drives are being deteced in bios fine its jus in windows that they're being picked up.

any help would be appreciated!

Thank you!