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Thread: System Volume Information

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    System Volume Information

    Hey Guys,
    As far as I'm aware, this folder is used for system restore/fast indexing etc on drives. However, I have an external HDD, and this folder is over a gigabyte in size. This drive is also FAT32 formatted, so I was able to access this folder, and I found mainly old applications I had deleted.

    My question is: Can I delete this folder?

    Thanks for any help you guys can give.
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    Of course you can - just press delete! The question is whether you should! It probably is safe to delete, but I would make a backup of it first - if you have a DVD burner, copy it all onto a DVD. Then if all comes crumbling down, you can attempt a restore. If you don't need the space, leave it be. Or having backed up the old applications and deleted them, leave the much-reduced-in-size folder in place.

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    Here is some very good information about the 'System Volume Information ' and how to delete it

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