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Thread: Advice on PCI-E graphics card for 300watt PSU system...

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    Advice on PCI-E graphics card for 300watt PSU system...

    Hi Guys,

    I need a little advice.

    I've just bought a HP Pavilion T3145 system (needed a system fast, to complete a project when my old system died on me...), and overall, I'm fairly happy with it.

    Athlon 64 3700+ cpu
    1GB PC3200 RAM
    250GB HDD


    The problem...the graphics card is a Geforce 6200TC (256MB RAM).

    For my older games...not a problem. For the newer...low resolutions, or/and disabling all the effects are the only way I can get playable-ish frame rates.

    Unfortunately, my old system was AGP I cannot use my old card...I need a PCI-Express based card.

    The other potential problem is the low rated 300watt PSU.

    Can anyone recommend a decent PCI-Express based graphics card which will run with no problems on my system....with particular note to the PSU? (personal experience of using a recommended card with a similar rated PSU would be ideal...)

    Overclocking ability isn't needed...and my monitor handles a maximum resolution of outrageous frame-rates at very high resolutions aren't necessary (although if the latest and greatest cards will run on my system...that would be a bonus...)

    Many thanks for your time...I feel I might be better of upgrading the PSU to something 400+ watts...but I'm hoping someone can recommend a compromise...

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    Anything upto a 6600GT will run fine on that, I've seen a dual core SLI system on a 350W.

    But if I were you I'd invest in a decent PSU.

    You'll need it in the future,
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    X800 XL is best!

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    If your PSU is a good brand, then you'll probably be okay with 300W. However, if you're getting a better graphics card, it would be a good idea to get a higher rated PSU. Not only does it make sure that you'll be able to run a new card, it'll also probably outlast all the other components. I'd recommend a Tagan, at least 480W.
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