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Thread: laptop display problem

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    laptop display problem

    I have a Gericom p4 laptop with a nvidia geforce 5600 graphics card.

    The laptop is still under warranty (JUST) until the end of Feb and has just been returned to me with this problem so called fixed, there is supposed to be a new graphics card installed and they are supposed to have tested it extensively for 3 days but the problem still persists. The laptop was also returned a month previous as the mainboard had blown!

    The problem i am having is with the display, it is getting random boxes of little x's in various colours on, first a few and then more and more until eventually the system freezes up or the screen goes black then back on again a few times until it freezes.

    I am obviously not very happy and I would just like some advice on what i should do next. My main concern is that the warranty is due to run out soon and i am wondering if they a trying to just get by until it runs out and then i am left with a dead laptop. I am thinking of requesting either a replacement laptop or a refund!

    What do you people think?

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    tbh honest bud i would search for your local CAB office and see what they have to suggest

    they'll give you information regardign the Sales of Goods act of 1979 and your rights within a Sales agreement... and explain what has happened and what the faults are

    At the same time -if they take the Michael and take their time just slip in that your gathering information from the CAB about Sales of Goods Act of 1979- u watch the bums drop LOL...

    i bought a Mobo for my pc build-not taken out of the box, bought all me pc parts- place it all all together and didnt work -took it back 2 where i bought it from and had the cheek to tell me how to build a pc !!!
    i said to them make sure you hurry up [after 2 weeks of having it] because i've been requesting info about the sales of goods act of 1979 they had the Mobo for over 3 weeks and it doesnt take 3 week to test a Mobo is faulty or not........
    - 5 days later after i went down-the place got torched ! [no i didnt do it-lol]
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    Thanks for your advice Vincent.

    I have found the following very interesting information on the CAB website:

    If you have had your goods for more than six months when they go wrong, you can still ask the trader to repair or replace them, but you may have to prove that they were faulty when you bought them if the trader doesn't agree. You can ask for a repair or replacement at any time up to six years after you bought the goods (five years in Scotland), as long as it is reasonable for them to have lasted this long. If the goods go wrong after six years (or five in Scotland), you no longer have the right to ask for a repair or replacement.

    I think it is reasonable to expect a laptop to last for more that two years, which is how old it will be in Feb, don't you. Also, this problem has been reported and so called fixed before the warranty expires so I think therefore they will still be obliged to sort it out after if it hasn't been resolved beforehand.

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    i would think you have a very good case for getting the whole system replaced. But i would go and speak to CAB anyway.

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    Be wary abut the 5 year limit - that is the time you may expect a repair to be done - but not necessarily a FREE repair! It just obliges a manufacturer or sales outlet to support the equipment. The same caveat applies to the "guranteed for life" statement - it is the life of the item that is referred to, and that is not alwys specified!

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