Niggle 1: Since upgrading to a 20" widescreen monitor Power dvd has had trouble displaying the picture in that when in full screen mode it displays the picture in a little corner of the screen the rest of the screen goes black (the top right hand corner as supposed to the picture being full screen. Ive tried all the settings I could find and re-installed umteen times. Wmp and DivX display things fine in full screen mode.

Niggle 2: Windows recently started freezing at startup just before the log in screen forcing me to do a reset by holding down the power button, this doesnt happen every time but enough to be unsettling as I havent backed up my hard drive yet

Niggle 3: A random pop up box displaying "Server Connection Failiure" appears every now and then which is really annoying as it boots me out of Oblivion to desktop. his could be something to do with me recently moving and not having broadband re connected yet; infact I'll unplugg my modem and see if that fixes it later on

Niggle 4: If I press the right mouse button on desktop to bring up the menu then click off it with the left mouse button it re opens that menu which is then followed by a frantic bout of mouse clicking untill it stops I have installed a new mouse altogether with logitec drivers thinking this might sort it as a bonus but it still happens

Any help or suggestions will as always be appreciated thanks Rhyth