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Thread: VHS to DVD tranfer

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    VHS to DVD tranfer

    I would like to transfer somne of my VHS videos to DVD.
    Can anyone give me a blow by blow account on how to do this simply or point me in the right direction as to how to do this with my existing video player and PC with DVD burner.

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    First off you need some way of getting the VHS onto the PC... Normally this would be via a capture card of some sort (A VIVO graphics card will allow you to do this or an ATi AIW)and a suitable cable e.g. Scart -> S-VHS or similar.
    Secondly you will need some software to do the capturing e.g. Ulead video studio or one of the Adobe Premiere packages (depending on how professional you want the output to be).

    The afterdawn forums are full of useful info on video capture etc, so they might be worth a look if you get stuck...
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    Go with the Hauppauge Win-TV USB2...the only capture device that worked for me, and its a Tivo too! Awesome.

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