I am tearing my hair out with this and it is seriously affecting my CS performance.

Basicly the problem is that I have "keyboard inertia" (as I like to call it). Say for example I am holding W to move forward, sometimes apparently randomly I let go and it keeps going forward. i used to have thi problem in BF2 and deleting the BF2 profile and copying a back up over it would fix it. I have since reinstalled my OS (XP SP2) and I still have the problem in CS/HL2 and in Prey (not played much else recently but I think it will affect all D3D apps).

i have tried everything, I have tried a PS2 keyboard as well and the issue remains. The k/b I am using i a Saitek eclipse using thed efault windows keyboard driver (up to date according to windows update).

I have tried disabling all accessabillity options (sticky keys etc), changing the repeat rate in control panel > keyboard, uninstalling the keyboard in device manager and restarting but the problem persists.

any ideas would be gratefully received, otherwise this weekend its time for another rebuild.