After reciving my MSI S260 back from repair at MSI uk, I noted it had a rather battered DVD driver (cover ripped off, eject button broke off etc). Due to the time MSI had the laptop and the condition it came back in (the space bar is STILL sticking).

I decided to replace the DVD drive myself rather than send it back to msi.

I ordered a nice slot loading dvd drive from scan that arrived today and I swapped it out (2 screws dead easy).

When I put the dvd drive in the ide hard disk is not detected by the bios - when I remove the drive the ide disk works a treat.

There are no jumpers on it so it can't be the master-->master style problem.

I'd be interested in hearing what some hardware guys think of this problem ?

the dvd drive is a Panasonic UJ-845-BPN Slot Notebook/Slim DVDRW Drive
The drive I removed was a Pioneer K06 Slim Notebk DVDRW