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Thread: ide driver instalation error

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    Question ide driver instalation error

    I had a ide HDD of 20 Mb. I try to install another ide HDD 80Mb. They are both WD HDD. I try to install them both on primary ide, the 20 MB one master (here is the Win XP) and the 80 Mb slave. I saw them only logical, in BIOS but then I receive an error message - "ide driver instalation error. Please change the slave stand alone ide in master!!!!!!!!!!!" and the system do not boot. I try then to put one on primary ide, second in secondary ide. Same message.
    The computer did not boot. I have SIS 5513 IDE UDMA CONTROLLER instaled on my computer.
    My computer is an AMD ATHLON 1,050 GHz, and my motherboard is K7S41GX motherboard.
    Help me please

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    how did you have the jumpers when you plugged them both onto the prmary ide?

    make sure that the master drive is set to master with slave and not single and try the second drive on cable select

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