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Thread: Thoughts on this TFT please?

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    Thoughts on this TFT please?

    My father in law has just buzzed me to ask my thoughts on this monitor that PC World are selling...

    For the money, it doesn't look half bad to me, but I'd be interested in you guys' thoughts.

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    it loks ok for the cash, there are alot of 19 inch wides going around for the 120 mark atm, the video 7 ones that dabs do may be worth a look i think they are a bit cheaper.. just remember that they may not be so great for games if you do..

    after all you get what you pay for

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    Unless your dad is a professional photographer or an FPS freak, i'm guessing he'll be happy with it. Probably one of the nicest looking monitors in the price range too.

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