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Thread: IT exam preps ?

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    IT exam preps ?

    how good are exam preps for Microsoft and cisco exams ? . anyone have any info about this , then plz let me know . iam trying to shift from auto field to IT field and need some solid guidance

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    spending money on MCSE etc is often seen as a royal waste of money, because they are so easy.

    Enless your going for something really rather dull, people will need more than just an MCSE, and getting into a job that requires such demonstration of skill, the biggest problem will be lack of experiance.

    So you might find it best to look at jobs that will provide you with training on the job, pay for your exams, whilst giving you good experiance. Remeber that to do a few of these exams will cost £5k, so a job that pays £5k less and provides you with this training is a much better option.
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