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    Angry In Trouble

    My PC keeps crashing at odd times, for instance it crashed a few minutes ago then restarted automatically. I've reported this to Mesh several times and although they seem to be trying to help I'm getting nowhere. I've been advised now to to do a "Clean Installation", trouble is when I try to backup the drive folder to disc I get the message " the disc size is only 700MB you require 870 MB to copy this folder". So I can't get anywhere at the moment. I've only had the Pc since 10/01/07 so I'm not too happy at the moment. Is it possible to backup the drives folder on 2 discs? Has anyone got any suggestions that would help?
    My PC is Matrix2 5200+ Windows Media Centre Edition 2005.
    I also have the option of upgrading to Vista, under the circumstances is it worthwhile?

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    There are several options:
    1) Backup to a DVD if you have DVD-burning software installed.
    2) Get a 1Gb (or larger) USB drive, they're very cheap, and backup to that.
    3) Download Winzip (has a free trial) and use it to compress your folder to under 700MB so it fits on a CD.

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    Can you split it across CD's? Worth checking in the event logs (eventvwr) around the time of the crash to see whether anything is reported.

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    and would add to Charleski's post.............

    I'm not sure why you can't copy to a DVD but for a CD writer, if you just want to backup your docs, jpg's, videos and mp3's etc then create two folders with explorer (file manager), one with files for 600 megs the other for 270 megs, and burn to 2 CDs.

    As for your computer crashing it could be due to quite a few things, if Mesh have suggested a clean install of winxp have they supplied a proper CD to due this?

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