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Thread: Gigabyte show off the monstrous G-Power II Pro

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    Gigabyte show off the monstrous G-Power II Pro

    Is it really as big as everyone said it was?
    Read more.

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    Re: Gigabyte show off the monstrous G-Power II Pro

    Hi everybody
    I was able to get my hands on the G-Power2 Pro Cooler!Aftera long search for a good processor cooler replacement, in a harsh environment. I tested it on a variety of mainboards....I am a custom made computer builder in the NY metro area for over 15 years. I was looking for a replacement of the average processor cooler. My last test on the device was on Maximum Extreme QX9650, 2GB DDR3, with 8800 Ultra 2X 150 WD, and 1X 1000GB WD: the installation (for the G-Power Pro Cooler) was easy , very quiet, fan face the memory which took a little heat from it and very impartant it is very easy to clean it.Highly recommended to eeveryone who runs a computer with space (either AMD or Intel mainboard)! The only thing I am missing is the four pin connection...the device comes with a three pin connection.
    Definitely my choice for replacement of processor cooler. The price is right, and performance is great!Looking forward for the next generation!!

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    Re: Gigabyte show off the monstrous G-Power II Pro

    Looks pretty smart to me. shame i just bought a Scythe Ninja Rev.B.

    Quite adequate for the job mind.

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