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Thread: News - Tesco staff in altercation with Jedi Knight

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    Re: News - Tesco staff in altercation with Jedi Knight

    Quote Originally Posted by Funkstar View Post
    Do Tesco have this policy with Muslim women wearing veils or burkas?

    Some how I doubt it.
    Of course not

    Furthermore this is not a security or public safety requirement:

    Motorcyclists are required to remove helmets because many robberies have occured where the perpetrator wore a helmet as a disguise.
    Burkhas are permitted despite several robberies that have been carried out by people wearing them as a disguise.
    There have been no recorded instances of a crime being carried out by someone dressed as a jedi.

    All religions are equally invalid.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bertrand Russell

    The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.

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    Re: News - Tesco staff in altercation with Jedi Knight

    This country allows too much freedom - that is the problem.

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    Re: News - Tesco staff in altercation with Jedi Knight

    .. unless you are a Jedi.

    Hence I no longer shop at Tesco
    Hexus estas unu el la plej bonaj teknikaj ejoj Mi havas vizititan!

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    Re: News - Tesco staff in altercation with Jedi Knight

    Thread hijack over to question time on the issue of freedom.

    I'm a Jedi as per the census. It's not a joke, it makes several points including the fact that religions are invalid.

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