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Thread: News - Amazon Kindle e-book reader goes international

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    News - Amazon Kindle e-book reader goes international

    Available to UK customers on October 19th, but there are a few provisos.
    Read more.

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    Re: News - Amazon Kindle e-book reader goes international

    Needs to halve in price to really start to be attractive. Get it down to £99 with an english plug etc throw in a voucher for 2 or 3 free books to get you going. Allow a 50p (or even better free) kindle copy of any real book you buy or have brought with the same amazon account and then you have a great product to really change how people read.

    At £215 along with all the current inconviences it's a niche product imo. £215 is alot of books. At £99 it starts to hit Christmas present territory, at £215 its just impossible to justify.

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    Re: News - Amazon Kindle e-book reader goes international

    It's far too expensive in my opinion. And given the fact that we don't even get the correct webpage or power adapter its obvious that this is a half assed affair. Why would anyone buy it until they commit to do it right?

    Also the hassle of getting it from the US and the added expense is a joke. Does that mean if it breaks we've to send it back there too? No thanks
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    Re: News - Amazon Kindle e-book reader goes international

    What an inept UK launch.

    Too expensive and the design is pretty useless too.

    Didnt ASUS announce a dual display ebook recently? Now if that also has software to let me do the crossword and sudoko (and killer sudoko) in my favourite newspaper and sells for £100-150 then that would be my choice.

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