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Thread: News - Dual-core netbooks will remain hard to find

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    News - Dual-core netbooks will remain hard to find

    Are new models being delayed until after the tablet frenzy?
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    Re: News - Dual-core netbooks will remain hard to find

    perhaps the manufacturers are trying to find a way of cooling the CPU so that users don't get 3rd degree burns after 30mins usage?

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    Re: News - Dual-core netbooks will remain hard to find

    I reckon what you've put is spot on.

    Any manufacturer that thinks that the android based tablets that are going to come out at towards the end of the year are not going to affect their sales is in cuckoo-land.

    I personally can't wait for the Gpad to release as I will be getting 2 of these for sofa-surfing and whatnot and guess what, my missus was going to get a laptop until I shown her the videos and information I've got on the android pads and she definately wants one of these instead.

    I don't think it will be a passing fad as well and these tablets are here to stay. Why not have a touch enabled device for ease of input instead of a keyboard and trackpad based notebook. touch screens are so easy, 3-4 year old kids are using ipads like starfleet cadets and as such I reckon sales of laptops will take a hit while all these devices appear.

    All I can say is hurry up and release them so I can have my PC back to myself and I've got my eyes set on the folio 100 atm, but this is subject to change depending on the specs of others coming out.
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    Re: News - Dual-core netbooks will remain hard to find

    I always thought that tablets were a bit useless compared to netbooks until I thought what they were really for. Netbooks are for browsing the web, watching films and that sort of thing, not heavy content creation. Tablets are all about consumption and not creation.

    Each will do some tasks a little better than the other, but the amount of overlap is pretty big.

    Personally, I'm already saving my pennies for a nice little tablet. Or hoping that someone sends me one to review and just forgets to ask for it back.

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