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Thread: News - Samsung displays 4G-equipped netbook

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    News - Samsung displays 4G-equipped netbook

    N350 supports LTE for next-gen wireless broadband on the go.
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    Post Nice - but is it really "future-proof"

    That's a truly gorgeous-looking 'book.

    I disagree that it's good to add forward-thinking features - well not always.

    In the case of WiMax, I'm still not totally convinced it will ever become mainstream. If loads of devices support it and a superior technology comes along, either:

    1. the 'inferior' technology wins because it already has market presence; or
    2. the 'better' technology will win, leaving people with netbooks/laptops like these sulking that they adopted early.

    (BetaMax? MinDisc?)

    Ideally, once the market gets wide-spread acceptance of a technology, THEN you add it into integrated devices. I love having everything I possibly can integrated into the same unit. (I hate having to use my Vario 3 to connect my laptop to the InterNet whilst on-the-move.)

    However, I'd rather have the right integration in my laptop, when the time's right.

    Meh: rant.
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