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Thread: Opinions - The mobile wallet is set to explode

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    Opinions - The mobile wallet is set to explode

    A bunch of recent announcements indicate we could be at the mobile commerce inflection point.
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    Re: Opinions - The mobile wallet is set to explode

    Fair enough on not carrying cash around for security reasons but online fraud must outnumber mugging, etc.

    If you make your phone a virtual debit/credit card then it becomes doubly attractive for thieves, £300 phone plus access to their bank account in one swipe. People increasingly aren't bothering with landlines so if their phone is stolen it could make it very difficult to cancel the services.

    I like a more unified approach to payment, but paypal already serves this purpose on a lot of sites.

    I'm a bit of a phone Luddite though perhaps, hate the fiddly small screens and inflated internet usage charges. At the moment I wouldn't get a smart phone unless given one by a job

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    Re: Opinions - The mobile wallet is set to explode

    For some folk , their phone is like a lifeline
    In the old days you kept your wallet closer

    NFC will do well , it looks flash
    But we have smart chips in all credit cards anyway

    If phone transaction include somekind of biometrics too
    then it would be better security

    But i am not rushing to buy a phone coz it has this tech in ti


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    Re: Opinions - The mobile wallet is set to explode

    Hmm, I am quite happy with chip & pin. In fact, I would rather stick with chip & pin. But if I can get all my loyalty cards (from nectar points to Nandos stamps) shifted to my mobile phone, I would do it.. as long as it doesn't require to be linked to the number of the mobile phone I am carrying.

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