Gainward have certainly chosen an extravagant name for this graphics card. To decipher it for you a little, the card is based around a 6800 GT core, the finest GT cores, Gainward say. Coupled with a two-slot cooling system, Gainward have pushed the core and memory clock beyond the GT spec. So-much-so, that the card can outrun a stock 6800 Ultra. Tarinder takes a look:
Gainward's GeForce 6800 GT Ultra/2400 Golden Sample Goes Like Hell 256MB is a fast and furious card that will ultimately appeal to the enthusiast who desires clock speed above all else. In that respect, it's a decent effort. Forget that it's named a GT; that's just clever marketing. The only question you really need to ask yourself when contemplating a video card at this end of the market is whether an NV40-based 400/1200-clocked card is worth £380 of your hard-earned money. If it is, it's well worth considering.
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