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Thread: Computex 2K5:: Skyping made easy with ORtek

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    Computex 2K5:: Skyping made easy with ORtek

    The problem with VoIP is that if you want some privacy during your call, or your lappy isn’t equipped with a built in mike, you’ve got to lug a headset around as well, and these aren’t the most robust of things in the world. I’ve broken the boom arm on two headsets already from traveling with them, so the USB VoIP handset from ORtek Technology could be just the thing I’m after.
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    USB handsets for skype have been around for ages, whats different about this one?

    What I am really interested in is the new WiFi ones, which will unbind us from us PC's and probably cause BT to have several heart attacks. Any chance you guys can get hold on one and review it for us?


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    I've seen a WIFI one which I'll be chasing up tomorrow as well as a dual DEC/IP phone, which will REALLY do the biz...
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