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Thread: NVIDIA to launch 'open driver'?

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    NVIDIA to launch 'open driver'?

    Posted by David:

    With the launch of NVIDIAs 2nd solution which supports SLi it is not much of a suprise that the peformance and use of this under SLI was very impressive. Infact this was very easy to install, setup and get working.

    ATI's own Dave Orten stated that the NVIDIA solution was very compelling and it sounded more than clear that he wanted a slice of the action. We will see this with ATi's release of Crossfire.

    ATi have stated that their solution will support different cards, which delivers an upgrade solution to current ATi card users.

    We find it very likely that NVIDIA will release a new driver soon which will allow the support of 'un-matched' cards, and if what has been whispered to us turns out to be true SLi will deliver an impressive upgrade path.

    We believe this NVIDIA driver will mean the use of 7 and 6 series cards in the same configuration.

    Of course we should not forget that the release of the NVIDIA 6600 SLi for the mainstream market finally delivers lower price point for people to adopt SLi as a solution.

    NVIDIA officals declined to comment at time of going to press.
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    Has their been any more news with regards to Nvidia solution for Un Matched cards ?

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    Not as yet - you would have the news from us if we had anything solid...

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    I'm not convinced there's really much of a demand for this. SLI seems, unfortauntely, to have become something that's only worth it for the very rich or those who upgrade recently. Dual 6600GTs are fairly worthless (in comparison with a single card costing about the same) - and unless, say, a 6800GT and 6600GT together give pretty impressive performance I can hardly see the point. Maybe Nvidia will manage to prove me wrong, but it doesn't seem likely in the near future!

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