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Thread: Info-Tek's GeCube X800GT

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    Info-Tek's GeCube X800GT

    Info-Tek, which has the brand name GeCube that I'm sure you've heard of, have released a Radeon X800GT to the market. Last week we brought you a reivew of a Sapphire X800GT and also Info-Tek's press release announcing their card.

    There will be three versions of the GeCube X800GT. All feature HDTV support, a 475MHz core clock, 8 pixel pipelines and the very nice Uni-Wise cooling system. The elegantly named GC-RX800GT3-D3 Limited Edition will ship with 256MiB of GDDR3 memory, while the GC-RX800GT2-D3 and GC-RX800GT-C3 will have 256MiB of DDR2 and 128MiB of DDR respectively.

    For those of you who like lovely product shots, here's a pic of the GC-RX800GT2-D3:

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