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Thread: HEXUS.gaming :: Review : Quake 4

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    HEXUS.gaming :: Review : Quake 4

    Yep, Activision and Raven's latest addition to the Quake series, Quake 4, gets a thorough going over over on HEXUS.gaming.

    Be sure to check it out in our HEXUS.gaming Quake 4 Review!
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    (apologies if this is in the wrong place - this post is what the review linked to for discussion)

    No comments on how the game runs? I know the test system is a beast, but did it sail through smoothly at full details, hi res, AA and AF?

    Any comments on how the game looks if you had to scale down some of the options?


    Otherwise, good review. I loved Q2 and sometimes look forward to more old skool shooters.
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    Sorry I Just had to post here about this review. This game is nearly as bad as Doom3 was!! Single player is shocking, it bored me to death. Run down corridor, shoot an enemy, press a door key, run down corridor, shoot another enemy you cant even see, get door key, get lost for 20mins trying to find door for door key... and on and on.

    The engine is not very good in my opinion, suffers from the same things as doom3 like brightness levels and non interactive scenery.

    Overall I thought Quake 3 was the biggest waste of money I have made in a long time. Quake 2 was a very very good game, comparing this tripe to it is a dis-service.

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