I've not heard of Blazing angels?

Pilfered from Total Video Games:

'Ubisoft Confirms Q1 2006 Line Up
Coinciding with the release of its financial results, Ubisoft release a list of titles hitting the shelves early next year...

An entire raft of titles look set to appear in stores during the first three months of 2006 courtesy of Ubisoft, and as well as those already expected such as Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, and Splinter Cell 4 (more on that later), the publisher has taken the opportunity to announce a few more titles.

Already two titles into the franchise, World War II shooter Brothers in Arms is set to appear on PSP although whether this will be a port of either Road to Hill 30 or Earned in Blood - or an entirely new title altogether - is yet to be confirmed. Sticking with the second world war, the Xbox title Blazing Angels will also be appearing on Xbox 360, forming one of three titles for the next generation format from Ubisoft. The two other Xbox 360 titles released in the quarter will be, as expected, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and an as yet unannounced game.

What does make for surprising news is that whilst Sam Fisher will return in the quarter on the next-generation consoles and PC, Splinter Cell 4 on Xbox 360 doesn't make the list...

Other titles set for release in the first three months of 2006 include America's Army: Rise of a Soldier for Xbox and PlayStation2, Heroes of Might and Magic V for PC, AND1 Streetball for Xbox and PlayStation2, Drakengard 2 on PC, and the Hip Europe co-published Rugby Challenge 2006 for Xbox, PlayStation2 and PC. PSP owners will be able to get hold of up to four titles from Ubisoft in the same period with Street Riders (187 Ride or Die), Untold Legends 2, Field Commander, and Tales of Eternia all set for release.'