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Thread: Building an HTPC: A little help from Corsair

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    Building an HTPC: A little help from Corsair

    Memory module manufacturer Corsair continue their series of build reports with a look at constructing a modern (and expensive) HTPC, equipped for TV viewing and recording.
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    Re: Building an HTPC: A little help from Corsair

    UPDATE!! Link to the 2007 Corsair guide is no longer valid.

    Corsair issued a revised guide in October, 2009.
    But, if you still want to look at the old guide it's still online. They put a link (with revised URL) in the new guide.

    However, to tell you this by posting a reply, I ran into a couple of problems. First, I had to register.
    Having gone through that process, I tried a post and hit another obstacle. I can't include a URL until I've made 5 posts. [Fixed the URL --Steve]

    I give up. So much for being a nice guy!

    Here’s what I can do. Try one of the following.
    1. Copy and paste the following in your browser's address line:

    2. Go to the Corsair website and step-down through their menus/pages. (Note: this is based on their 2010 design) Select "Technical Resources" on the main menu, then select "System Builds" from the drop-down menu. Look for a Home Theater PC (HTPC) listing.

    3. Say in a couple of years they do another revision, and the report link(s) may be bad. Then the walk-through should help you find the latest version. And, if all else fails use their website Search feature.

    Good luck!
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