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Thread: Hauppauge TV Anywhere - low-cost rival to SlingBox?

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    Hauppauge TV Anywhere - low-cost rival to SlingBox?

    Hauppauge Digital is now selling a rival to Sling Media's Slingbox and the Sony LocationFree internet TV personal distribution systems - and, at £100, the TV Anywhere package is significantly cheaper than either.

    The company claims that, "unlike any other system, TV Anywhere will work with any web browser and does not require additional software". By that, it actually means any other software at the receiving end - something that's said to allow you to pick up the TV transmitted from home on any mobile that runs a browser and a media player, any WiFi PDA and any laptop or desktop PC - irrespective of operating system.

    Hauppauge says that TV Anywhere delivers content using Orb technology.

    All well and good but what's the difference between the TV Anywhere package and using the WinTV-PVR-USB2 hardware with a downloaded version of Orb's free software?

    About £20 - we reckon!

    Find out more in this

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    Seams a bit odd not having a digital tuner these days. Especially when Hauppauge already have digital tuners in their line up.

    Not the most imaginative design either is it

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