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Thread: Hi-tech buying advice for Christmas - ask in!

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    Hi-tech buying advice for Christmas - ask in!

    Chip-maker LSI has come up with a Christmas buying guide to DVD recorders. Our guess, though - and LSI will doubtless shoot us down if we're wrong - is that the guide doesn't give the sort of impartial advice would-be buyers really need but, instead, is a novel promotional tool, for the company and the consumer electronics firms that incorporate its integrated circuits.

    However, the real reason for telling you about it is to pose two questions:

    * What hi-tech goodies are you thinking of treating yourself (or someone else) to at Christmas?

    * How can we help you make the right decisions?

    Tell us what you need to know and - between and our hugely-knowledgeable forum members - we'll surely be able to give you the advice you need.

    I get a bit hacked off with some of the stuff that lands in my in-box but, hopefully, the fact that this missive from LSI gave me the idea to post this suggestion will end up being helpful to folk who need thorough and independent Christmas buying-advice.

    Of course, it all depends on you clever buggers answering most of the questions but, heck, I know that's what you love to do and I'll be there for you too!

    So, here are the places to go to post your buying queries:

    Oh, and you can check out LSI's guide in this
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