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Thread: 34 PSU Roundup -Taoyuan 2005

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    Man, you boys just went on a holiday, didn't you!

    You boys just went to Taiwan for a holiday didn't you?! Then you had to do a few PSU power ups to justify the trip. Man, what a great job.

    While I know you just want us to read every page of the review, and there are some nice facts in the individual write ups, where is the critical review? You just powered them up to full power to see if they could handle it. The graphs!!! I couldn't tell if the PSUs were in spec or not. Many of the +3.3V lines seems to be below spec. Where was the spec line on the graph(s) (3.3V, 5V, and 12V) and the upper and lower limits?

    The the temperature graph, showing a maximum of ambient plus 24.5C, so total about 50C tops, yet two untis were reported as too hot to touch! 50C is not too hot to touch. Hell, the air temperature down here in Australia gets up to 45C at times!

    Still, I read the review right through, no doubt generating a few cents for you from the process, clicking links and such.

    Finally though, were you boys ever fooled by the AOpen people. Go take a look at the AO700-ALN on their Global site, and No way are these the specs for a 700Watt continuous rated PSU. They quote "Normal" and "Maximum" currents the same way others quote maximum and peak currents. The maximum Amps on +12V is also 50A, not 60A as in your review. Check section 4.2 in the PDF. Must have been a good engineering sample. Tricked
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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankieTBolt
    Hi guys,

    I need help. Big help.

    I've got 5 IDE drives (large capacity collected over the last 2-3 yrs) [5 x molex connectors], a CD Writer [1 x molex connector], a DVD-ROM [1 x molex connector], a DVD Writer [1 x molex connector], a floppy drive-cum-media card reader [1 x floppy connector], a 6800 GT Ultra [1 x molex connector], a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Pro [1 x floppy connector] and 4 thermally controlled case fans [4 x molex connectors]. It's all hooked to a Gigabyte 7N400L pro motherboard & an AMD Athlon XP 2500 Barton overclocked to 3200.

    Now I've got a 550W Antec Trupower 2.0 PSU trying to run my gig which seems to barely keep the power fed properly to two of my HDDs.
    Now all my HDDs are set on cable select & its the 2 slave ones that seem to be unpowered even though the BIOS can clearly detect & acknowledge their presence during boot up. The CD & DVD drives on RAID IDE connections set yo normal non-raid settings. So they run a-ok.

    Should my Antec 550W PSU suffice me to run 'em all? Or should I "upgrade" to an FSP Epsilon 700W PSU to keep 'em all on the go???
    I could supply u with a better picture if need be...

    Thanks. I'd appreciate all the help I can get bout this cracker...

    strange that you are having trouble, I am running 3 hard drives, a x800 pro vivo (overclocked), a 2800+ Barton (o/c to 3000+), 2gb ram, 2 dvd-rw, floppy drive, 3 case fans etc and it is all fine on an Antec Neopower 480W psu. Yes I have a slightly less power hungry system but then again your psu is rated 70W more. Have you checked the rails on your psu (i.e. are the 3.3v, 5v and 12v lines actually producing that amount. Try using the motherboard monitor (MBM) program to find out)

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    damn, i got 2 q-tek 450 watters spare here...

    think im going to toss em in the bin after viewing that...

    funny thing is the one i used for 3 years never blew up, and it was loaded to hell... must have been those 2 thermaltake fans i fitted insude it to get all that heat out the biatch :|

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