hey, got a bit of a problem at the mo with my girlfriends computer!

Unfortunately shes just gone back to uni and the closest time I can have a look at her machine is in two weeks time, so I'm hoping one of you might know the answer to our problem!

When ever she opens up AOL's dial up software, her whole computer locks up once it reaches AOL's "initialisation" stage. (thats even before the dialing up part!) The only way out is to reboot the computer! The problem has only started today, it has worked 100% since i can remember! She phoned up AOL's helpdesk, but the only advice they could offer, was for her to defrag!!???!!!

Absolutely everything else on her system works fine!

Any of you lot know anything about their software and possibly know what it could be doing to lock the machine? I know nothing about their software so don't actually have a clue! (I assume its their software causing the problem!)

She has un-installed and re-installed AOL a couple of times but the problem persists! Its getting very fustrating for her!

Her pc is quite a reasonable spec'd machine running win XP home.

Any ideas or suggestions? (Other than get another ISP )