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Thread: Need a DNS expert

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    Need a DNS expert

    Now this is a good one!

    My domain - doesn't always resolve properly. It seems that some ISP's DNS servers aren't storing it, or aren't able to find an authoritive server for it. I'm sorry, but I'm no DNS expert so I'm getting rather lost with it all.

    Basically my host has another 47 websites on the server, and none of those customers have had any problems. However, me, and friends of mine with the same ISP, can't get onto it.

    Also, a test on Hexus shows that some other people couldn't get onto it, but 75% could.

    Right now, I've added one of BT's DNS servers to my list, so that I can easily get onto it - but I shouldn't have to do it.

    So, to sum up:

    - My site doesn't always resolve, particularly with my ISP.
    - Nobody else on my server is having problems.
    - Most of the world can get at it no problem.

    What could it be? I think some sort of timeout issue on updating DNS information but where is the problem? With my host, my ISP, or somewhere in between?

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    Get them to check that all of the records are correct, then get them to change the serial number. This should force any servers that are caching the zone file to get a new copy.

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    The only thing I can think off is that some ISP's DNS servers are takinglonger than the 72 hours to replicate.

    a DNSstuff lookup shows.

    DNS Lookup: NS record
    Generated by
    How I am searching:
    Searching for NS record for at Got referral to L.GTLD-SERVERS.NET. [took 53 ms]
    Searching for NS record for at L.GTLD-SERVERS.NET.: Reports [took 50 ms]


    Domain Type Class TTL Answer NS IN 172800 NS IN 172800

    To see the reverse DNS traversal, to make sure that all DNS servers are reporting the correct results, you can Click Here.

    Demon Lookup.

    Network Tools provided by Demon Internet

    This tool will perform a number of basic DNS queries, explaining the [UNIX] commands it uses to do them, and what the results mean. If you wish to see the full DNS for a domain, click here.

    host -t ns
    The NS (Name Server) records show which nameservers should have full information about this domain. If there are no NS records, the domain does not exist. NS NS

    host -t soa
    The SOA record (Start Of Authority) shows who owns, or is responsible for a domain; badly administered domains may not have an SOA record, however. SOA
    2004040101 ;serial (version)
    14400 ;refresh period
    7200 ;retry refresh this often
    3600000 ;expiration period
    86400 ;minimum TTL

    host -t mx
    The MX (Mail eXchange) records control which hosts to send mail for this domain to. If there are no MX records, mail may only be used for sub-domains or individual hosts, or may not be used at all. For instance, there are no MX records for the domain ".com" mail is handled (pri=0) by
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