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Thread: Windows 2000 DNS Forward/Reverse Lookup zones

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    Windows 2000 DNS Forward/Reverse Lookup zones

    I'm having a few problems with netlogon errors and I've been beyond the basics, so I have a little question.

    Is it safe to delete your entire forward and reverse lookup zone and begin from scratch? or will i be missing some important records that AD puts in when dcpromo is ran.

    As you can tell my DNS knowleadge is limited,


    I have a single domain/single DC enviroment so if needed I can start from scratch.

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    Hmm, well what I would do, if you have the option, is copy away the .dns file to back it up before trying that

    As far as I am aware, the (required) dynamic DNS feature of Windows 2000 DNS Server means that when the DCs reboot they should register everything anyway - it might even be enough to stop & restart the Netlogon service.

    Not a categorical answer I'm afraid, but that's the best of my knowledge.
    I take it you've looked up the various Netlogon error codes on and even Google'd?
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    Yeah, I have tried everything. - I've just uninstalled DNS as I was still having probs after recreating forward/reverse - I'm still get netlogon/dns "deregister" errors lol.
    Gonna run a dcpromo and demote and start again. - I'll keep you updated if you wanna know outcome.

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