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Thread: network no work

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    network no work

    ok, so maybe this is a n00b question, and there is a simple asnwer to it, but im gonna ask it anyway,

    a few weeks ago, my laptop had ah, errr, hmmmmmm..... fall, and before this it was working ok, (slow, but ok nevertheless) and now i cant seem to get the ethernet port to work, its usefull asi tranfer files back and forth non stop, but when i plug the rf45 crossover in, no we lights come on, the green one and the yellow one i mean, and the computer doesnt recognise that it s conected,same thing with connection between my xbox and my laptop, its really gay, cso i coudl do with the storage quickly, atm.

    and it has worked perfectly up to this, the laptop is an armada e500, its ok,

    so wot im really wondering is, has anyone had thsi problem before, or have i maybe unchecked a box to disable it, or is there a test to see if it still works,

    gelp would be greatly appreciated, thanks

    Richard evans
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      • Operating System:
      • Ubuntu 11.10
    Try reinstalling the network card. However, the card might be nackered, or if it's internal to the lappy perhaps it's had it.

    If the lights are on then it can't (AFAIK) be a high level software problem, it must be a physical problem or the driver isn't working meaning the network controller isn't "on."
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    Hmm, something on the motherboard may/can have been broken.

    Try reinstall the drivers and your computer. If reinstall dosent help, one soultion is to buy a PCIMCA card and use your ethernet-connection that way. Or maybe buy wireless?

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